Walking through the narrow bridge; a life support!

“Go with the flow,’’ they say. “What does it actually mean?”

“Living life to the fullest!!” replies little Johnny with great confidence, raising his hand with enthusiasm above his head before any of his classmates could answer the teacher’s question.

“That’s wonderful, Johnny! How did you know that is the correct answer?” asks Mrs. Marie.

“My Nana told me. My nana tells me a lot of things” chirped Johnny with a wide outstretched arm and with a delightful radiance on his face. “She tells me stories during my bedtime about how she survived the war, the famine, the floods and oh, the pandemic too!”

“Is it, Johnny?” asks the teacher calmly, keeping the surprise in her tone. “That sounds interesting! And how did your Nana live through all of that?”

Johnny is a precocious child. For a 10 year old, his interests are on the History of the world and its culture, English literature, Foreign languages, Philosophy and Art. While his friends go out to play, Johnny can be found sitting in the school library with a book in hand or a kindle reader. He does play with his friends though he does have a good circle of friends but, most times he preferred keeping it to himself — reading.

The year is 2050. Of course Nana did survive all of life’s living challenges — the war, the famine, the floods and the pandemic too. How did Nana live through all of this?! — “Living through those hard times was indeed a challenge that was uncalled for. People living back then — ’’ little Johnny goes on with a twinkle in his eye, “ — neither expected nor were prepared on what was about to come. The tribulations happened to pass one after the other. There were those who survived, metaphorically speaking, by walking through the narrow bridge and there were those who did not survive. Going through life is easier than fighting back at it. Imagine walking cautiously on a thin sheet of ice or to be more precise; walking through the wall of fire only to come out — unharmed. C’est la vie! Such is a life that was lived.”

Mrs. Marie, though she was well aware about Johnny’s intellectual orate abilities, was in all awe upon hearing what Johnny had to say. He in-fact had to skip a grade for his outstanding academic performances. Johnny was always in the good books of the teachers; never getting into any sort of trouble: no food fights, no bullying, no wedgies and most of all no complaints from his teachers during the PTA’s. He was a well behaved and a well mannered child. Once, the children were asked what they wanted to become when they grew up, Johnny instantly raised his hand replying “An Anthropologist!”

Mrs. Marie wanted to know more about his Nana and asked Johnny if he could bring her for the class’ role model presentation in the upcoming class activity.

Johnny paused before he could respond to Mrs. Marie’s request and there appeared a pensive look on his face. The other children in the class looked at Johnny with anticipation while the others scribbled on the desk not paying attention to the class. A moment passed by, after what seemed like a thoughtful moment Johnny finally spoke saying, “Mrs. Marie, I am afraid I may not be able to bring my Nana to school”

-“Oh, and why is that?”

-“Because you see, my Nana never liked interacting with the people outside. She keeps all to herself. She talks to me at night only after making sure everyone in the house goes to sleep.” Mrs. Marie looked bewildered but Johnny goes on, “Nana has been through a lot of turmoil in the past and yet she continues to live on. She never complained to me how difficult life seemed for her. She insisted on living the best while we still can because in life, everything does not go as planned; nothing is in our control. We humans are neither the creator nor the destroyer of time. Hence, we cannot foresee the future. We are just visitors walking through the passage of time. And when that time stops; the walk stops!”

Mrs. Marie did not have a child of her own. She is a compassionate person, enjoys being around children thus, satisfying her void. The children also adored their teacher and enjoyed her classes. She did not believe in strict discipline in order to bring up a child. But, upon hearing what Johnny said, a shiver went down her spine as she began to understand that something was not right. She wasn’t sure if she must call off this discussion or must she call his parents. She did notice the students in her class were bored and began to yawn as they did not understand what was going on. A backbencher dozed off happily with his drool dripping on his desk.

With caution the teacher asks Johnny how he talks to his Nana to which Johnny innocently replies: “Nana talks to me each night in my room Mrs. Marie. Not long ago, she gave me her locket as a keepsake”

Johnny carried a locket with a picture of his Nana in it. He gave the locket to the teacher to have a look. Mrs. Marie took the locket from his hands with furrowed brows. As she opened, she saw an alluring inset picture of his Nana with her eloquent smile, her strikingly beautiful black hair tied up neat, eyes as black as ebony staring right back at her. As though fixated, Marie could not stop gazing at what she saw. The picture seemed too real and alive and to her surprise she felt as though someone or something brushed past her shoulder. Marie cautiously dismissed the eerie feeling as she did not want to scare the rest of the children in her class. Although, there was one thing that caught her attention as she flipped back the locket — squinting her eyes to read something. Mentioned in the engraved letters — “In fond memory of our dearly beloved who shall remain in our hearts forever and whose legacy shall continue to prosper.” But what disturbed Marie more is, the engraved letters dates back to the year 2020.!

The clutches of time!!


Once we compare ourself with something bigger and unattainable, we lose our focus and identity!

First, know yourself

know your likes and dislikes,

know what excites you and those which turn you off to bad mood,

know how your behaviour affect or influence someone; work on those that make you a better person each day.

As humans, we evolve – we grow – nothing’s permanent – inclusive of our behaviour so as to speak.

This way the urge and the need to compare will no longer be a necessity as Self worth itself is a satisfaction achieved! 



– Natasha

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Yes, a lovely reminder

To the one reading this

I know its not going to be easy.

But, give yourself a chance to heal and recover rather being bitter.

And most of all, forgive yourself.

Be gentle; be patient

It’s alright; take time to heal no matter how slow..

Time heals; you move on eventually

That is how you live.

Most of all, that is how you begin to feel & love! ❤




Take care – a note to self & unto others.


Take care; be gentle with self.
You are only a human prone to make mistakes.
Be kind to self.
Learn – move on – repeat; for this alone is constant.
Be still, listen to the voice of your heart. What does it say?! 
A second chance is all you need. Third, fourth if required …
Why be limited with less chances when you have many to live by …



Spot the light within ..


The shy, the reserved & the least expected ones will someday come to the light.
Comfort zone you say; how long I ask.
What if some day you wake up, the zone you protected is lost?
What if someday you wake up & find the walls you built is broken unbeknownst to you? 
How long will you hold onto something which is just your imagination?
How about stepping one foot at the time? How about a hello to the world?
Who knows, you could be a surprise to self if only you give a chance & believe in opportunities.

So what if you failed?! Who never did?! – Ever heard failure being stepping stones to success? Do you think or believe that’s a mere fantasy & fiction? – Good if you did believe that way because when you are conditioned to believe so, I’m sure you will believe in chances & opportunities as well. It’s all in the mind I keep telling you & yet again I will remind you of such.

Be mindful of this cherie – It is that one step at a time, always! 


Submitting in response to Mundane Monday Challenge

The lost voice 

Dear Chester Bennington, 

With what shall I say about you,

I’ve known none much of your music but yes, one thing I could always associate you with is your throat tearing vocal to the highest of the highest and to infinity and beyond.

I remember the days I made fun of your high screeching vocal ability because that is the only cue for me to recognize “Ah, that screeching singer guy has come finally” and I ignore but I ended up watching your entire music video. 
I have few songs of yours in my playlist. I have been playing those on loop for no reason for long as I remember. Which means I have to admit I grew listening to LP though I did not realize that till now.
Never thought the day would come I would say this but yes, Linkin Park will never be the same without your screaming, screeching high pitched voice. 
So, my dear Chester Bennington,
To me you will always be remembered as the guy with that high screech voice who was the catalyst for the band. Yes, I will miss your voice for sure.

Rest, is peaceful. 

Somewhere along the way I lost my path,

I belong somewhere; for sure I know

I miss those empty nights gazing at the moon with emptiness inside

I survive each day; but the voice inside me says, “but darling, you battle each day. You need to rest” – Yes, I miss those empty nights gazing at the moon with emptiness inside

To feel and do none itself is a blessing in disguise.