Nostalgia! This day, that year .

Memories πŸ™‚

Images speak more than the words I have to say



Craft 101 – Best out of waste made from old greeting cards

Greeting man greets you a happy good morning! πŸ™‚Β Photo1760Material used: Old greeting cards, some imagination & scissors of course!

These greeting cards have been stacked up in my book shelf almost a decade now. While i was to throw them all away, an idea and an inspiration hit me. Why not create something out of nothing & voila!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Je te presente ‘The Greeting Man !’

this is how you make playful summer colors on regular simple pictures

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monster's university ;)
monster’s university πŸ˜‰


Image on the left: meet Indian – Hawaiian tiki ( I made this from empty coconut shells by assembling each on top & the rest is all the edit )


the berries & the cherries are the clip art


Effects used on the left & right image – Emboss. Like a boss πŸ˜‰

El fin πŸ™‚

sunflowers everywhere

Hello there! A friend of mine had a good travel & she sent me these pictures. All of these pictures are unedited.Β IMG-20150518-WA0000 IMG-20150518-WA0002 IMG-20150518-WA0003 IMG-20150518-WA0004


Now here’s the edited part i have madeΒ by using water reflection

water_reflection_1431972838558 water_reflection_1431972942440 water_reflection_1431973084754 water_reflection_1431973303046

I wasn’t sure if i must put edited/unedited pics. So i put up both. Do let know in the comments below which feature is good. Here’s a yellow twitter bird for u all πŸ™‚


Eggs in a boat..err..coconut shell ;)

hello there. I was doing this art with eggs & coconut shell & look what has turned out!Β PS: IΒ have used few features on both monochrome & color

Β Β 2015-05-19-15-20-081432029471581

Β  14320282025401432029442122




Finally. Here's the original  unedited love eggs ;)
Finally. Here’s the original unedited love eggs in a coconut shell.. err.. i mean boat πŸ˜‰

I have done this out of pure boredom to beat the summer heat. Let know in the comment below which one u like & thanks in advance. Bye, see ya πŸ™‚

– Natasha.

My Weekend Binge with Biscuits


Nothing but just a picture of some stuff i bought for myself today. While i was shopping, these cream filled in biscuits tempted me. I was little hesitant to buy. But then i asked myself when was the last time you really ate something good & spoilt yourself in goodness.. I didn’t have the answer.. Never too late or rather i would say ‘better late than never’.. Nothing wrong in pampering oneself after a boring week… So, here’s to my weekend binge πŸ˜‰

Green lus(h)t

Leaves. Rain. Petrichor.Β 



Something that i edited. Four different leaves in 1 grid..
Something that i edited. Four different leaves in 1 grid..
Alas! A world without a color
Alas! A world without a color

The pictures above are taken in & around my neighborhood. A world without a color would be so bleak & insane. So i decide to make use of the colors around to live with before the trees & the plants loses its green lust. A small walk in the neighborhood is all you need to breathe.