Weekly Photo Challenge *Graceful*


This spot, caught my attention while I was in search of a Graceful image to post.

“A plant has a power to creep over with its vine yet, so gracefully done”.

Albeit this bike is old & remains untouched for years, the vine grew untamed & wild which had room to creep over the bike and remains still.

A little deep introspect of this image made me realize we are this still bike. And, often or sometimes we allow our vine of thoughts to creep over & enthrall our minds making us go numb

Simple as it may seem to cut off the creeper plant off the bike but, how simple would it be to remove the creeping thoughts off the mind? (A rhetorical question!)


– Submitting in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge 

Nostalgia! Those were the days ..

These are the images of my amateur photo work when I began to photograph 2 years back as a hobby. Little did I know, photography & the photo edits would become my full time work. As days progressed, I began participating in photo challenges hosted by various websites, Instagram & posted few on Facebook. This has taken me to a new level of confidence of my new skill in photography.

I began to notice things,

things that are of minute in its detail;

things that are often interpreted as mundane, boring & no beauty at all;

things that are ignored & dismissed as no novelty by a mere human eye;

–  I photographed all those mentioned above


Of recent, I have joined a corporate & my commitment to photograph & blogging has reduced over time. One night, I happened to go through my old picture works & its photo edits, realising how much I missed my blog & photography – I miss what I once enjoyed doing the most. These old pictures brought me back memories of sanity. The times I had no job, these were the “things” (as mentioned in the above points) that which had me sane & occupied.

Glad I came across WP’s Nostalgia Photo Challenge which gave me an opportunity to go through my archived photo work & enabling me to express my gratitude 🙂





Craft 101 – Best out of waste made from old greeting cards

Greeting man greets you a happy good morning! 🙂 Photo1760Material used: Old greeting cards, some imagination & scissors of course!

These greeting cards have been stacked up in my book shelf almost a decade now. While i was to throw them all away, an idea and an inspiration hit me. Why not create something out of nothing & voila!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Je te presente ‘The Greeting Man !’

this is how you make playful summer colors on regular simple pictures

 1432570242295 1432717535980

monster's university ;)
monster’s university 😉


Image on the left: meet Indian – Hawaiian tiki ( I made this from empty coconut shells by assembling each on top & the rest is all the edit )


the berries & the cherries are the clip art


Effects used on the left & right image – Emboss. Like a boss 😉

El fin 🙂