Weekly Photo Challenge *Graceful*


This spot, caught my attention while I was in search of a Graceful image to post.

“A plant has a power to creep over with its vine yet, so gracefully done”.

Albeit this bike is old & remains untouched for years, the vine grew untamed & wild which had room to creep over the bike and remains still.

A little deep introspect of this image made me realize we are this still bike. And, often or sometimes we allow our vine of thoughts to creep over & enthrall our minds making us go numb

Simple as it may seem to cut off the creeper plant off the bike but, how simple would it be to remove the creeping thoughts off the mind? (A rhetorical question!)


– Submitting in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge 


Bible influence – 1

Walk by Faith and not by sight – 2 Corinthians 5:7

“Sight” is so boring. Its all the same, visible n everywhere. Nothing new to learn.

“Faith” is invisible, works only to those who understand the concept of faith w/ an open mind. You experience a whole new dimension w/ faith thus motivating u to pursue more into this invisible faith and is also interesting by the way. Like i said, only to those who understand the concept of faith w/ an open mind, this faith works.

Isn’t it ironic i could write so much on faith and only a single line on sight !?

  • There are those who “see literally” (sight) to believe and stay in belief. This is one way of building faith. ( I made justice for sight by writing another line 😉 )
  • Then there are those despite seeing everything literally w/ their big wide open eyes, still are skeptical, thoughtful, doubtful and yet they claim to say seeing is believing. And wen they see, they don’t believe. This is why Jesus says “Hypocrites”. This is why i say “Morons”. Big time annoying question bank nerds they are!.. Always want to see more and learn nothing. This is called mind closed, eyes open phenomena
  1. When u see, u believe. ( sight)
  2. And when u believe, u see… ( faith )
  3. This is how believing is seeing is formed.
  4. So simple as that..!..

Why tension and complicate?

– xx Natz xx

Congratulations ! You failed..!

“Failure is the stepping stones to success” is what they say.. All my years i have been hearing this and the actual meaning of this i never knew until recently… I fail a lot during my school and college exams. Each time i fail, my friends and family encourage me by saying failure is the stepping stones to success. The more i kept hearing this the more often i failed. I simply could not see the actual meaning of those words.

Question : Why do we fail ?

Answer : We fail because we have not prepared for the moment. Unexpected. Lack of motivation to self prepare and to present oneself. Simple as that.

A student fails in his exams because he did not prepare notes to study. He writes little or nothing and fails. The best thing about failure is you get to write again. A second chance. Third, fourth and so on… The more you fail, the more you write. Why? You simply believe that some day you will pass and hence you write, not giving up. A hope, a faith – which is invisible to eyes but can be felt through understanding. It is that invisible faith that keeps this student to keep going. Ask any student who failed for first time and how did he pass exams later. Their study methods will inspire you. (Note: I have mentioned here “method”)

Failure is like playing Candy Crush. You are stuck with one hard level for days, months… Some give up playing because the level is too hard to pass. While others keep playing despite failing, being stuck for days and months. Simply because some day they will pass through is what they believe. I have been on both sides of this game. I gave up playing and resumed playing… There was this one particular annoying level i couldn’t pass and i gave up playing for 3 months.. After i stopped playing, i was getting lot of candy crush requests and i was telling myself “soon they’ll get bored like me, give up playing like me and once they reach this hard level like i’m stuck with and soon there won’t be any more requests. Soon the game will be dead!”

It did not stop. The game requests kept pouring and i was happily ignoring all of it. One day i didn’t have anything else to do, i woke my sleeping brain up to think “how do these people still play and never give up?” The only way to find an answer is to open the game and check for myself. I did. I was speechless, breathless, emotionless, wordless, motionless,eyes and mouth wide open with shock to the point i forgot to blink my eyes. All those who were behind me before reaching this difficult level, have surpassed me! They were 10 to 20 levels ahead of me. Traitors! quietly they made a smooth move.

So what happened here?? Reality Check – I gave up playing not because i failed or got bored. But i lacked motivation. Of course we get bored due to repetition and nothing new. This is where methods step in.

It was that minute i realized im living in 21st century in the world of internet. I should’ve taken advantage of this long ago. Method – I got onto YouTube, searched for that difficult level, played the video, got myself educated. Also there are cheat codes to every game on the internet. Learnt few codes to this game. At first, using this method, i did not succeed, failed instead. But succeeded in my 3rd attempt by replaying and finally won this hard level. This is when i realized “nothing is impossible or hard as they seem to be” – this realization is what made me a winner.

All i did was seek options, help, guidance. (Thanks internet!) That’s the method i used. Simple as that.

Lessons I learnt –

No point being a hard worker. By working hard you lack motivation when you don’t see the result you need. Of course hard work pays and many succeeded. Also keep in mind by working hard, when one way doesn’t work, try another approach. Be open to search for options/help/guidance. Like in my case, i used YouTube tutorial. You’d be a smart worker by doing so. Smart work saves time. While hard work without result is like expecting an apple from an orange tree.

We can’t continue doing same things and expect different results – Paulo Coelho

Instead of seeing yourself as a failure, see yourself as a scientist/experimenter working on “trial and error” basis. This will make you try different methods to keep you going.

It’s okay to fail. Who doesn’t fail? I fail, you fail, all fail. Its fun to fail because by failing you begin to think many ways to plan and succeed. You will be surprised to know how well talented you were able to plan to succeed by failing. This makes you feel good than instant success.

Success without failure is boring! – Adding only salt to the soup does not always taste good. A dash of pepper tastes great too. So is failure to life. You will not know the value of success without failure.

The sky doesn’t fall on your head when you fail. Nor will you hear chicken little screaming at you “the sky is falling! the sky is falling!!” Skyfall is just a James bond movie and chicken little is just a Disney movie. These two belong to the movies. Not in your head.

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods – Anonymous

Playing candy crush, i have clearly understood the meaning of “failure is definitely a stepping stones to success”

Here today, gone tomorrow – A short convo

Daughter : I want to go all the way, I have dreams to get, goals to accomplish, life to live, travel world

Mom : Impossible to achieve dear. Life is all about living, marrying, making babies and be behind them 24/7

Daughter : But mom………. I still have a long way before that…. before I settle,……. live and let live….. :/

Mom : That’s just a fad dear.. here today, gone tomorrow. The real is still real.

Daughter : Sad face 😦 and even more confused :/

Moral – No matter how real life is, motivation and encouragement is still far away