Solitude – Weekly Photo Challenge


Empty scribbles – Me time. A day off from work.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience


Hush hush my little love;


Just between you and me
I’ve got something’ to say
want to get it straight
Before the sun goes down

– dc talk



Where’d you go?
I miss you so
Seems like it’s been forever
That you’ve been gone

– Fort Minor




WPC – Weightless



When i feel tied down, I draw & let my imagination go wild. Those which I cannot achieve in real life, it is so very easy for me to live in a world of my own I create where there are no rules to live by and most of all no one to question or interrupt. Or even better, one can simply live as long as the imagination lasts. I drew these depicting how I felt at the moment

art girl rough sketch
Solitude – where peace, quietness & happy thoughts prevail 


girl art
Imagination of the wild does not go with the book of rules
ths one (2)
I am a night lover. All the more reason to be peaceful in the nights. Like a wonder, my mind becomes lithe


 Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Travel theme – Frames

In response to Ailsa and her weekly challenge, this week challenge “Frame“.

through the peep hole – wpc

peep hole

Since young we have been warned by our parents not to open the door immediately when someone knocks but to see through the peephole first before answering the door. This is a careful & a cautious gesture.

Also from a perspective point, i see a face – two eyes, a long nose which is supposedly a drain pipe & a red grinning lip (veranda grill) A clear notion to point there’s someone on the other side of the door.

Moral – Always check before answering the door