Yes, a lovely reminder

To the one reading this

I know its not going to be easy.

But, give yourself a chance to heal and recover rather being bitter.

And most of all, forgive yourself.

Be gentle; be patient

It’s alright; take time to heal no matter how slow..

Time heals; you move on eventually

That is how you live.

Most of all, that is how you begin to feel & love! ❤





Take care – a note to self & unto others.


Take care; be gentle with self.
You are only a human prone to make mistakes.
Be kind to self.
Learn – move on – repeat; for this alone is constant.
Be still, listen to the voice of your heart. What does it say?! 
A second chance is all you need. Third, fourth if required …
Why be limited with less chances when you have many to live by …



Spot the light within ..


The shy, the reserved & the least expected ones will someday come to the light.
Comfort zone you say; how long I ask.
What if some day you wake up, the zone you protected is lost?
What if someday you wake up & find the walls you built is broken unbeknownst to you? 
How long will you hold onto something which is just your imagination?
How about stepping one foot at the time? How about a hello to the world?
Who knows, you could be a surprise to self if only you give a chance & believe in opportunities.

So what if you failed?! Who never did?! – Ever heard failure being stepping stones to success? Do you think or believe that’s a mere fantasy & fiction? – Good if you did believe that way because when you are conditioned to believe so, I’m sure you will believe in chances & opportunities as well. It’s all in the mind I keep telling you & yet again I will remind you of such.

Be mindful of this cherie – It is that one step at a time, always! 


Submitting in response to Mundane Monday Challenge

Rest, is peaceful. 

Somewhere along the way I lost my path,

I belong somewhere; for sure I know

I miss those empty nights gazing at the moon with emptiness inside

I survive each day; but the voice inside me says, “but darling, you battle each day. You need to rest” – Yes, I miss those empty nights gazing at the moon with emptiness inside

To feel and do none itself is a blessing in disguise.

Weekly Photo Challenge *Graceful*


This spot, caught my attention while I was in search of a Graceful image to post.

“A plant has a power to creep over with its vine yet, so gracefully done”.

Albeit this bike is old & remains untouched for years, the vine grew untamed & wild which had room to creep over the bike and remains still.

A little deep introspect of this image made me realize we are this still bike. And, often or sometimes we allow our vine of thoughts to creep over & enthrall our minds making us go numb

Simple as it may seem to cut off the creeper plant off the bike but, how simple would it be to remove the creeping thoughts off the mind? (A rhetorical question!)


– Submitting in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge 

daily prompt – the new school

I’m glad I bumped onto this prompt for the day! I know I’m a day late to write this. Everyday i see a prompt, i wonder how to start. But this is too easy to write because I know what to say. Anyways to the point, I always had this concern to change the current school’s educational systems in India but as a lone person there’s nothing I can do.. So I’m gonna rant here with full freedom! Ranting helps. Doesn’t it?

I’ll make my explanations brief by narrating my story.

I had been transferred thrice to 3 different schools. None of these 3 schools were any better or different from each other. Academically, all three were burdensome.! Too much to learn and the homework assignment given is even more burdensome and unfair too. For instance, on a given school day, we had 8 periods. Each of these periods had 45 minutes of class which was a pain in the butt literally because, we had to sit still through the entire 45 mins while the teacher blabbers. God only knows what these teachers talked in the name of teaching because we as kids back then had no idea what was being taught to us. First of all these teachers teach beyond our understanding, let alone the irrelevant subjects and its books! Possessing a skill to teach is a talent. Not everyone who understands a concept can explain that concept very well. That’s the problem with the teachers today. Many may have the subject knowledge but only very few know how to explain and teach well.


Teaching tools, methods, techniques need to improvise! Carrying a bag load of books to school does not make one intelligent. It’s a pain! Literally!!


It’s 2015 and students today of all ages learn better through new learning techniques than being with a boring 45 minutes of a blabbering teacher

 Daily Prompt

From the archives!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!! Cannot believe today has been a year exact i wrote this article “life at work and life with life itself” dated on October 14, 2014!! This was my second writing & i remember how nervous i was to publish & make my writing go public. You can read about the article here.

My first blog writing was on October 7, 2014 which i wrote here regarding the types of writers.

Do read & let know what do you think!

Until then, see ya 🙂

Weekly photo challenge – happy place

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

Hello again.!

To be specific, I cannot think of any happy place right now. But in general, I have lots to say. I love outdoors. I’m at my best & myself when I’m happy going places like no care in the world… I thought being outdoors defined happiness. I hated home & indoors. Over the years i realized, I’m at my best & happy when I’m home indoors doing “nothing” .. Wouldn’t say being lazy exactly but more like taking time off from chores .. This is the best part. I would simply sit still or lie down reflecting on all the good things I have had in life .. Reflecting on life and to realize how far one made through is a blessing itself. A time taken to realize is good .. This realization made me happy .. Home is a place where I have realized and learnt lot of things .. Home is the place where I took time off to doodle and blog in the first place .. Home is the place I learnt its okay to be lazy and relax and not work all day & week. Had I been straining myself working in an office today, i swear I will not have time to realize how blissful my life is.

So, now coming to the questions asked regarding this week’s theme –

1.  Where do you go when you need to think? Answer – Can’t exactly say “where” i go to think because at times i’m brain dead. I never think much. I just go with the flow of life. And some times, I think too much! There’s never a particular place where i could say i think here, i think there. If i have to think, it would have to do with an important decision making. When i’m in a good calm state of mind, i think better. Be it my home or travel by bus. Discussions with few good friends help me think in making a good decision.

2. What do you do when you need to restore yourself, to ready yourself to take on the coming week with energy and verve? Answer – Physically speaking, sleep well by making up for all the lost time I’ve been sleep deprived. Eat well to replenish myself. Spiritually speaking, prayer & thanksgiving for all the goodness Jehovah God has given me in life. Self – realization helps, people!

3. How do you get your sense of humor back? Answer – When i interact to those who know how to crack a joke & laugh at life, i feel awesome, liberated & alive.

4. How do you recharge your groove? – By keeping myself & being with those who stay physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually healthy. Also being in a positive environment like coffee shops, libraries or even street shopping is the answer. A music or an old song that gives a sense of nostalgia helps too.

I guess happiness & happy place is all about how you see yourself, where do you place yourself & the kind of people you are with, matters most.

Honestly, i cannot think of any happy place picture to post here .. So, here’s a picture of a cat i drew last night to start your day! 🙂


That’s it for now.

See ya 🙂 

weekly photo challenge – boundaries (4)

Hi again.. I’m usually not a person of many words but I have been feeling this urge to write something posting this picture.. Not sure what I must write though but there was a time I enjoyed writing and it felt so good and liberated. Overtime i stopped writing not because I was too busy or life’s demand took a toll on me but, I ran out of ideas and stuff and I became too idle. I even dreamt of becoming a writer.. But to write what is the question I had no answer.

Few of my good friends tried to put me back on track to write but, I simply lost interest & gave up writing .. I have been going through The Daily Posts different categories & various contests they conduct for each days & weeks keeping the participants’ skills alive .. So I decided why not let me try writing again. If it was my writing skills that made me create a WordPress blog account in the first place which later made me do amateur photography, maybe I could try and do both by posting a picture and write few lines about it. No pressure on myself to write as a must but just a thought to try something new to add life to my blogging skills. That’s all.


For this picture I posted now “In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.” I have no idea why this urge to post this picture and write same time but seemed appropriate to me for weekly photo challenge – boundaries.. I have already posted 3 photos for the week’s challenge. This will be my fourth and final photo for the challenge. I’ve been participating with excitement since I learnt of this challenge from October 2 onwards. Guess I will try to keep up with the daily posts and participate much as I can..

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Oh and by the way, my blog has completed its 1 year anniversary on October 7.

A BIG thank you to all my 84 blog followers and few e-mail subscribers who made me smile by hitting the follow button and still make me smile each time i see a “like” being hit on my posts by you generous all.. Thanks again to the followers & keep up with the follow updates 🙂