Weekly Photo Challenge *Graceful*


This spot, caught my attention while I was in search of a Graceful image to post.

“A plant has a power to creep over with its vine yet, so gracefully done”.

Albeit this bike is old & remains untouched for years, the vine grew untamed & wild which had room to creep over the bike and remains still.

A little deep introspect of this image made me realize we are this still bike. And, often or sometimes we allow our vine of thoughts to creep over & enthrall our minds making us go numb

Simple as it may seem to cut off the creeper plant off the bike but, how simple would it be to remove the creeping thoughts off the mind? (A rhetorical question!)


– Submitting in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge 

Nostalgia! Those were the days ..

These are the images of my amateur photo work when I began to photograph 2 years back as a hobby. Little did I know, photography & the photo edits would become my full time work. As days progressed, I began participating in photo challenges hosted by various websites, Instagram & posted few on Facebook. This has taken me to a new level of confidence of my new skill in photography.

I began to notice things,

things that are of minute in its detail;

things that are often interpreted as mundane, boring & no beauty at all;

things that are ignored & dismissed as no novelty by a mere human eye;

–  I photographed all those mentioned above


Of recent, I have joined a corporate & my commitment to photograph & blogging has reduced over time. One night, I happened to go through my old picture works & its photo edits, realising how much I missed my blog & photography – I miss what I once enjoyed doing the most. These old pictures brought me back memories of sanity. The times I had no job, these were the “things” (as mentioned in the above points) that which had me sane & occupied.

Glad I came across WP’s Nostalgia Photo Challenge which gave me an opportunity to go through my archived photo work & enabling me to express my gratitude 🙂





From the archives!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!! Cannot believe today has been a year exact i wrote this article “life at work and life with life itself” dated on October 14, 2014!! This was my second writing & i remember how nervous i was to publish & make my writing go public. You can read about the article here.

My first blog writing was on October 7, 2014 which i wrote here regarding the types of writers.

Do read & let know what do you think!

Until then, see ya 🙂

weekly photo challenge – boundaries (4)

Hi again.. I’m usually not a person of many words but I have been feeling this urge to write something posting this picture.. Not sure what I must write though but there was a time I enjoyed writing and it felt so good and liberated. Overtime i stopped writing not because I was too busy or life’s demand took a toll on me but, I ran out of ideas and stuff and I became too idle. I even dreamt of becoming a writer.. But to write what is the question I had no answer.

Few of my good friends tried to put me back on track to write but, I simply lost interest & gave up writing .. I have been going through The Daily Posts different categories & various contests they conduct for each days & weeks keeping the participants’ skills alive .. So I decided why not let me try writing again. If it was my writing skills that made me create a WordPress blog account in the first place which later made me do amateur photography, maybe I could try and do both by posting a picture and write few lines about it. No pressure on myself to write as a must but just a thought to try something new to add life to my blogging skills. That’s all.


For this picture I posted now “In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.” I have no idea why this urge to post this picture and write same time but seemed appropriate to me for weekly photo challenge – boundaries.. I have already posted 3 photos for the week’s challenge. This will be my fourth and final photo for the challenge. I’ve been participating with excitement since I learnt of this challenge from October 2 onwards. Guess I will try to keep up with the daily posts and participate much as I can..

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Oh and by the way, my blog has completed its 1 year anniversary on October 7.

A BIG thank you to all my 84 blog followers and few e-mail subscribers who made me smile by hitting the follow button and still make me smile each time i see a “like” being hit on my posts by you generous all.. Thanks again to the followers & keep up with the follow updates 🙂

Weekly photo challenge – Boundaries (1)

beautufil city lite

Hi. This is in reference to the weekly photo challenge themed boundaries.. This will be my first photo challenge i am participating in.. I have always been different ( so my friends say ) and have always wanted to try something new because things that are of routine bore me too quick!

Initially when i first created my WordPress account, i started off as a writer writing small time articles and blog it.. Eventually my writing interest faded off. I have been aimless and jobless for a while.. and it’s like i have so much time in this world and i got nothing to do. It was during this short term hiatus i reasoned out what my capabilities are and what i am capable of. It was at this point i realised what little i can do in my given time.. Of course i do have a lot of bucket list to do .. I see a lot of beautiful pictures on the internet that people post on Instagram and Facebook and i feel so missed out that i could not travel places and see how wonderful things around me are. Of course i envy those who travel and post pictures! I’m a human. I have to be fair & honest to how I feel about these things.

As days and months passed i started taking photographs ranging from randomness to silliness to non sense. It was during this time i self learnt what amateur photography is. It was through this amateur photography, i have leant to edit the pictures, well, I’m not so professional enough though but i can say i feel better than what i have started when i was clueless. Taking photos and spending time editing keep me occupied. I even lose my sleep editing. Such has become my hobby. ( Well yea, I’m a very poor sleeper too )

Okay, getting back to the point. My reason as to why i chose this photo of my desktop with a city image in it is because, i like travel. Meet new places, people, see the colours around, become mesmerized with the city, village and its culture, food and take photos.  Since i could not have those in real (maybe some day i might) but watch through the internet, THAT “COMPUTER” IS A BIG BOUNDARY to me .. If only i could cross over to the other side through the computer itself!! Well hey! think of this way. Wouldn’t it be much easier for me if only i could get sucked into this computer literally, (like i seriously mean literally) each time i mentally wished “wish i could be in that place” and ZOOPPP! I’m in that place!!!!!

*Eyes open after wishing*  Meh… I’m still here & my time is 12:30am.

Reality sucks! Doesn’t it?

PS: The scene in the above image on my computer is from the movie Anna aka MindSpace.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

BAM! so quick, so good

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Wow… amazing to see how far one has come to see where they are now.. this review by looking at it, im still mesmerized with an awe, amazement & wonder how did i come this far.. i simply started of by writing something with fear, anxiety whether people will understand/accept/like my writing & posted & waited only to see the demand for me to write was high! & that led to one writing to another. Ironically, the encouragement i got was from the people whom i feared, anxious, whether people will understand/accept/like my writing.. this will be my 16th post in 3 months since i began blogging here.. Thank you fellow followers for following my blog & also thank u to those who have subscribed my writings to their emails. Your little act of hitting the follow/subscribe button really keeps me going. Although i often wondered did i write so well that my blog should be followed & subscribed ?

Lesson : You’ll never know who you are & what you’ve got unless & until u take the step which u always had inside of u hidden.. i mean take baby steps.. not that massive constipated frog leap. You will only look ridiculous by doing that  

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys – thanks for this 2014 review because it was easy for me to edit something as that’s how i take my opportunity 😉

Happy 2015 y’all & cheers! 🙂

dÎScLaÎMeR : the images & the content below is purely the work of WordPress.com. I claim responsibility only for the colored writing above. Kay bye, see yah.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 430 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Congratulations ! You failed..!

“Failure is the stepping stones to success” is what they say.. All my years i have been hearing this and the actual meaning of this i never knew until recently… I fail a lot during my school and college exams. Each time i fail, my friends and family encourage me by saying failure is the stepping stones to success. The more i kept hearing this the more often i failed. I simply could not see the actual meaning of those words.

Question : Why do we fail ?

Answer : We fail because we have not prepared for the moment. Unexpected. Lack of motivation to self prepare and to present oneself. Simple as that.

A student fails in his exams because he did not prepare notes to study. He writes little or nothing and fails. The best thing about failure is you get to write again. A second chance. Third, fourth and so on… The more you fail, the more you write. Why? You simply believe that some day you will pass and hence you write, not giving up. A hope, a faith – which is invisible to eyes but can be felt through understanding. It is that invisible faith that keeps this student to keep going. Ask any student who failed for first time and how did he pass exams later. Their study methods will inspire you. (Note: I have mentioned here “method”)

Failure is like playing Candy Crush. You are stuck with one hard level for days, months… Some give up playing because the level is too hard to pass. While others keep playing despite failing, being stuck for days and months. Simply because some day they will pass through is what they believe. I have been on both sides of this game. I gave up playing and resumed playing… There was this one particular annoying level i couldn’t pass and i gave up playing for 3 months.. After i stopped playing, i was getting lot of candy crush requests and i was telling myself “soon they’ll get bored like me, give up playing like me and once they reach this hard level like i’m stuck with and soon there won’t be any more requests. Soon the game will be dead!”

It did not stop. The game requests kept pouring and i was happily ignoring all of it. One day i didn’t have anything else to do, i woke my sleeping brain up to think “how do these people still play and never give up?” The only way to find an answer is to open the game and check for myself. I did. I was speechless, breathless, emotionless, wordless, motionless,eyes and mouth wide open with shock to the point i forgot to blink my eyes. All those who were behind me before reaching this difficult level, have surpassed me! They were 10 to 20 levels ahead of me. Traitors! quietly they made a smooth move.

So what happened here?? Reality Check – I gave up playing not because i failed or got bored. But i lacked motivation. Of course we get bored due to repetition and nothing new. This is where methods step in.

It was that minute i realized im living in 21st century in the world of internet. I should’ve taken advantage of this long ago. Method – I got onto YouTube, searched for that difficult level, played the video, got myself educated. Also there are cheat codes to every game on the internet. Learnt few codes to this game. At first, using this method, i did not succeed, failed instead. But succeeded in my 3rd attempt by replaying and finally won this hard level. This is when i realized “nothing is impossible or hard as they seem to be” – this realization is what made me a winner.

All i did was seek options, help, guidance. (Thanks internet!) That’s the method i used. Simple as that.

Lessons I learnt –

No point being a hard worker. By working hard you lack motivation when you don’t see the result you need. Of course hard work pays and many succeeded. Also keep in mind by working hard, when one way doesn’t work, try another approach. Be open to search for options/help/guidance. Like in my case, i used YouTube tutorial. You’d be a smart worker by doing so. Smart work saves time. While hard work without result is like expecting an apple from an orange tree.

We can’t continue doing same things and expect different results – Paulo Coelho

Instead of seeing yourself as a failure, see yourself as a scientist/experimenter working on “trial and error” basis. This will make you try different methods to keep you going.

It’s okay to fail. Who doesn’t fail? I fail, you fail, all fail. Its fun to fail because by failing you begin to think many ways to plan and succeed. You will be surprised to know how well talented you were able to plan to succeed by failing. This makes you feel good than instant success.

Success without failure is boring! – Adding only salt to the soup does not always taste good. A dash of pepper tastes great too. So is failure to life. You will not know the value of success without failure.

The sky doesn’t fall on your head when you fail. Nor will you hear chicken little screaming at you “the sky is falling! the sky is falling!!” Skyfall is just a James bond movie and chicken little is just a Disney movie. These two belong to the movies. Not in your head.

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods – Anonymous

Playing candy crush, i have clearly understood the meaning of “failure is definitely a stepping stones to success”

Types of writers

  • Writers have their own ways of writing. Their unique sense of humour, jargons and not many who read understand what they read and while there are some who do.
  • Some writers write in such a way where you ought to read and re-read a line or a passage to understand what the content you just read is about. While others write so simple with neat simple words, expressions where even a school quit / dropout will understand what he/ she reads.
  • And then there are those high qualified English writers where they use their highly educated oxford English words and you will be spending more time with the dictionary finding the meaning of those words than spending time reading the writer’s article in hand. And the irony here is, once you find out the meaning of “that” new word, you will hardly or never use them in your daily vocabulary.
  • And then there are those who know to add humour in the writings and then are those who will make you fall in love with the character as you read. (I mean literally falling in love. Even those who deny their feelings to falling in love) And then this so called typical romance novel writer kills the main character you just fell in love with, leaves you crying for hours with the writers copy in hand. So much for my falling in love. Sigh…
  • And again there are those who write too much of everything and way beyond anything and everything rather than coming to the point of the content. This sure puts the reader off making them to skip too many pages only to read the climax that is written on the last chapter of the book or even the last 2 pages of the book.

  Voilà ! Time saved. !!