In the year 2014 out of sheer boredom and lack of interest in living an assertive life, a friend of mine suggested me to create a blog. She recognised the talent & sport in me while I was shy & least confident to admit what I was capable of. I have been unsure of my gift into writing. One day I wrote a piece of article which I was too shy to post for the fear of being judged & ridiculed by the “social media giants” (If you know what i mean)

However on reluctance, I went ahead and published my first post on Facebook and metaphorically speaking, I waited for the walls to fall on my head while I hid under the blanket.

Now literally speaking, I was super nervous to open my Facebook to check the reactions I received on the content I wrote. To my disbelief, I have received most positive responses. It took a whole lot while for me to understand what happened on that particular day.

Based on those positive responses, I was intrigued to write another post and this time I did not hesitate to post and then came on the third, fourth post & so on..

As my confidence in writing grew, I went ahead to try another challenge – Photography. To begin with, I used Micromax canvas A110 to capture random photos and kept those photos saved in the device and never published them for the fear of being judged if I made my interest in photography public. (Now using Moto G3)

A friend again had to influence me to go online with my photos. Only this time I thought why not and Instagrammed my first photo. Well, it was a slow start to begin with but overtime my Instagram gained followers and my photos increases in number everyday.

My blog, which you’re reading is now a writer’s corner & a photoblog. These days you will find more of the photos flooding the page than the writing. I’m getting back on track to connect with the writing.

I’m Natasha & this is my friendly blog since 2014


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