Rest, is peaceful. 

Somewhere along the way I lost my path,

I belong somewhere; for sure I know

I miss those empty nights gazing at the moon with emptiness inside

I survive each day; but the voice inside me says, “but darling, you battle each day. You need to rest” – Yes, I miss those empty nights gazing at the moon with emptiness inside

To feel and do none itself is a blessing in disguise.


mmc #7 – In times of need, …


Bored i was while I had nothing to do when the power was off last night.

This is the only image i see in the dark so i could take a photograph.!

Now i understand why they say, ‘You are the only light at my darkest hour’.

  Mundane Monday Challenge – #36



What’s in a flower?


Flowers in a pot

Flowers in a bouquet

Flowers in a garden

Flowers everywhere. You spread your essence to all that care.

You love it when a child holds you in her hands

You painfully bear when a girl is unsure of her lover’s love for her, she plucks off your loving petals to decide his love in the end only to make you look all bare

Still there are girls who love you as their hair accessory because you add beauty to the beautiful

Bees, birds drink your honey love

Flower flower everywhere, you spread your essence to all that care.

– Natasha 

The eyes that see


They say, the eyes see everything.

But i say, there’s more to what the human eye see.

Just thought to get my hand on doodling.

There was a time i doodled, colored & in fact lived a very good happy life.

Now that i’m all grown, i see no pleasure in living life with electronics sitting behind screens and tapping on keyboards & keypads.

The simple meaning & value in life is all in the eyes of one who know how to use it well.

There’s more to the colors than to the black & white text on the screen.

Like i said, just a thought to get my hand on doodling.

– Natasha

A lamp of one’s own..

Dear lamp..

I see u glow in the dark of the night but,

Not in the day of the light….

Is it that u so shy of what one might say of your mighty bright?

Picture2Nobody seem to care,

So why do u have to bare?


You are a lamp. Not a ramp

where one could simply walk away overlooking u..


Colours adorn u over,

Makes one wonder if u are any colder,

Little do they know it’s your flame burn that gets u bolder..


Wait.., there’s something about u only darkness could sight,

U are perfect made for the night..!

– Natasha 

PS: This is my first attempt on a poem 🙂