daily prompt – the new school

I’m glad I bumped onto this prompt for the day! I know I’m a day late to write this. Everyday i see a prompt, i wonder how to start. But this is too easy to write because I know what to say. Anyways to the point, I always had this concern to change the current school’s educational systems in India but as a lone person there’s nothing I can do.. So I’m gonna rant here with full freedom! Ranting helps. Doesn’t it?

I’ll make my explanations brief by narrating my story.

I had been transferred thrice to 3 different schools. None of these 3 schools were any better or different from each other. Academically, all three were burdensome.! Too much to learn and the homework assignment given is even more burdensome and unfair too. For instance, on a given school day, we had 8 periods. Each of these periods had 45 minutes of class which was a pain in the butt literally because, we had to sit still through the entire 45 mins while the teacher blabbers. God only knows what these teachers talked in the name of teaching because we as kids back then had no idea what was being taught to us. First of all these teachers teach beyond our understanding, let alone the irrelevant subjects and its books! Possessing a skill to teach is a talent. Not everyone who understands a concept can explain that concept very well. That’s the problem with the teachers today. Many may have the subject knowledge but only very few know how to explain and teach well.


Teaching tools, methods, techniques need to improvise! Carrying a bag load of books to school does not make one intelligent. It’s a pain! Literally!!


It’s 2015 and students today of all ages learn better through new learning techniques than being with a boring 45 minutes of a blabbering teacher

 Daily Prompt


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