weekly photo challenge – boundaries (4)

Hi again.. I’m usually not a person of many words but I have been feeling this urge to write something posting this picture.. Not sure what I must write though but there was a time I enjoyed writing and it felt so good and liberated. Overtime i stopped writing not because I was too busy or life’s demand took a toll on me but, I ran out of ideas and stuff and I became too idle. I even dreamt of becoming a writer.. But to write what is the question I had no answer.

Few of my good friends tried to put me back on track to write but, I simply lost interest & gave up writing .. I have been going through The Daily Posts different categories & various contests they conduct for each days & weeks keeping the participants’ skills alive .. So I decided why not let me try writing again. If it was my writing skills that made me create a WordPress blog account in the first place which later made me do amateur photography, maybe I could try and do both by posting a picture and write few lines about it. No pressure on myself to write as a must but just a thought to try something new to add life to my blogging skills. That’s all.


For this picture I posted now “In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.” I have no idea why this urge to post this picture and write same time but seemed appropriate to me for weekly photo challenge – boundaries.. I have already posted 3 photos for the week’s challenge. This will be my fourth and final photo for the challenge. I’ve been participating with excitement since I learnt of this challenge from October 2 onwards. Guess I will try to keep up with the daily posts and participate much as I can..

Click here for first entry for this week:  weekly photo challenge boundaries 1

Click here for the second entry for this week: weekly photo challenge boundaries 2

Click here for the third entry for this week: weekly photo challenge boundaries 3

Oh and by the way, my blog has completed its 1 year anniversary on October 7.

A BIG thank you to all my 84 blog followers and few e-mail subscribers who made me smile by hitting the follow button and still make me smile each time i see a “like” being hit on my posts by you generous all.. Thanks again to the followers & keep up with the follow updates 🙂

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