Weekly photo challenge – Boundaries (1)

beautufil city lite

Hi. This is in reference to the weekly photo challenge themed boundaries.. This will be my first photo challenge i am participating in.. I have always been different ( so my friends say ) and have always wanted to try something new because things that are of routine bore me too quick!

Initially when i first created my WordPress account, i started off as a writer writing small time articles and blog it.. Eventually my writing interest faded off. I have been aimless and jobless for a while.. and it’s like i have so much time in this world and i got nothing to do. It was during this short term hiatus i reasoned out what my capabilities are and what i am capable of. It was at this point i realised what little i can do in my given time.. Of course i do have a lot of bucket list to do .. I see a lot of beautiful pictures on the internet that people post on Instagram and Facebook and i feel so missed out that i could not travel places and see how wonderful things around me are. Of course i envy those who travel and post pictures! I’m a human. I have to be fair & honest to how I feel about these things.

As days and months passed i started taking photographs ranging from randomness to silliness to non sense. It was during this time i self learnt what amateur photography is. It was through this amateur photography, i have leant to edit the pictures, well, I’m not so professional enough though but i can say i feel better than what i have started when i was clueless. Taking photos and spending time editing keep me occupied. I even lose my sleep editing. Such has become my hobby. ( Well yea, I’m a very poor sleeper too )

Okay, getting back to the point. My reason as to why i chose this photo of my desktop with a city image in it is because, i like travel. Meet new places, people, see the colours around, become mesmerized with the city, village and its culture, food and take photos.  Since i could not have those in real (maybe some day i might) but watch through the internet, THAT “COMPUTER” IS A BIG BOUNDARY to me .. If only i could cross over to the other side through the computer itself!! Well hey! think of this way. Wouldn’t it be much easier for me if only i could get sucked into this computer literally, (like i seriously mean literally) each time i mentally wished “wish i could be in that place” and ZOOPPP! I’m in that place!!!!!

*Eyes open after wishing*  Meh… I’m still here & my time is 12:30am.

Reality sucks! Doesn’t it?

PS: The scene in the above image on my computer is from the movie Anna aka MindSpace.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”


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