Eggs in a boat..err..coconut shell ;)

hello there. I was doing this art with eggs & coconut shell & look what has turned out! PS: I have used few features on both monochrome & color






Finally. Here's the original  unedited love eggs ;)
Finally. Here’s the original unedited love eggs in a coconut shell.. err.. i mean boat 😉

I have done this out of pure boredom to beat the summer heat. Let know in the comment below which one u like & thanks in advance. Bye, see ya 🙂

– Natasha.

One thought on “Eggs in a boat..err..coconut shell ;)

  1. Hey saw ur blog! I was just thinking to hv a glimpse but once I opened I almost spent 30mins viewing one after other! Just wondering how u c nice things even in d ordinary! No wonder it mob display blacked out! So much photos! U kept ur post simple and yet creative! U have been recording every detail of what most people fail to notice in their busy life!
    U r not just out of ordinary, just extraordinary! I’m not a good writer like you! Yet I have recordered what I see and felt in your blog!


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