Its all about the bass. Err.. Attitude!

A friend of mine asked me to blog something on about myself. I already have an about me page in my blog which is quiet short, sweet & crisp which according to me is TMI already (Too much information) i don’t like writing too much on myself which even if i did, only i will vouch my TMI details on ‘About me’ & not many people will agree ‘about me’ because according to “not many people will agree”, they still see me as that shy introvert who barely smiles, talks, sits, laughs & even barely breaths for living. Little do they know or worst they don’t even know over the passing of time & years, people change not only in their appearances, but also in their thoughts, deeds, words. And so does our attitude. All those shy characters you knew once are not shy today. These are the ones who have become the team leaders in corporates, hold up business meets & some become singers, actors, actresses.. many we see on tv today have a background of introvert, shyness.

So, lets see over time how i have evolved. As u read further u will see how people have questioned me, question me & will still question me based on

  1. how & why i look like this & not like that and even if i look that, why not like this
  2. who i am, what i am & why i am the way i am (yah. Bugging. I know)

NOTE TO THE READERS: U might sense few harsh words as u read which has nothing to do with u personally. This has everything to do with those so called people known as “La Society”. So just sit back, read, chillax & feel related.

A: Question 1 of 2: You are so thin!.. eat something. Put on some weight. You are so thin. Why are u so thin? (this is the most & famous obvious first thing people notice first about me)

   Answer 1 of 2: How the heck am i suppose to know how & why am i so thin! I eat well, 3 meals a day, 2 snacks in between which also include my 5 basic food groups. I have been doing this for years & my body is same for years. I still fit in the clothes i bought 2 years ago. Analyzing this, the only answer i can say is i have a very good metabolism.! Some people will still not understand what metabolism is. Hence im questioned again on my weight.

Now to those who are fat, there’s again a question to them.

Question 2 of 2: “u are so fat. Are u sick/something? U will get diabetes, cholesterol, high blood-pressure, PCOD & u will die”

Answer 2 of 2: Yeah right. Since when did death become personal to fat people? Everyone dies! Even the food in your refrigerator has its own expiry date.

My attitude : I don’t see myself as thin. I see myself as slim & slender with a good healthy height, weight & BMI. I have never been hospitalized/fallen sick/have never taken any sort of pills for anything. How i see myself is more important than how others see me & brand/label me.

Dear people, if u are a victim to this question, lose/gain weight only as per your doctor’s advice. Not by the people around u. They know nothing about u.


B: Question 1 of 2: (On my recent new hair cut) Omg! U cut your hair!? Why the hell did u cut your hair!?!?! Such nice hair u had. Are u mad? Are u crazy!?!?  Your mom won’t tell anything??

Answer 1 of 2: Ok. First of all what does my mom has to do anything here ? Is it her hair i cut / mine? (Now do u see how stupid people are? These things happen. I’m not making it up) My mom simply doesn’t care. She knows i cut my hair short each summer & so does my dad, bro, uncle, aunty & my other dead relatives before they died. Even my hairdresser knows i visit her each summer. Still people make a big fuss for a haircut.

Now there was a time i let my hair grow long & again the question

Question 2 of 2: Wow such long thick hair.. curly too… don’t u comb your hair? Do u simply tie your hair & come for work? Did u curl your hair? How do u manage it? What shampoo do u use??

Answer 2 of 2: This is the dumbest & the most irritating question ever. Those who can relate to this are most welcome to empathize me.

My attitude : I know i have a very nice black curly hair which is also thick & is not very easy to handle. This is my big time “maintenance problem” which only i suffer each time i have to oil, untangle, comb & braid. This is where i waste my time. Seriously! Short hair is easy for me & time saving. Anything which is beautiful, has to be maintained to keep its beauty from fading. And so is my hair. I see my hair ‘beautiful’ & this is how i keep up with my beauty.


C. Question 1 of 2: When are u getting married? Why are u still single? Any problem? What happened? Get married soon. Now is the time.

Answer 1 of 2: Do u see how annoying that question sound as u read? Because it does to me. Because i am still single. I find that annoying!.. Do we single people ever look at married couple & ask, “why are u still married? When are u getting divorced? When are u going to be single again?”

Now, let’s reverse the scenario to those who are married anyway & hardly 6 months to one year into marriage, this is the situation. Read the question below.

Question 2 of 2: “Wow. It’s one year into marriage already na? When is the good news? Why no baby yet?

Now after baby #1 is born, again another question ‘when is baby #2?’

Answer 2 of 2: Are we given birth to the society or for ourselves? Already we are one populated country with little/no proper resource.! Isn’t that enough trouble already?

Trust me. This is the image i get in my head each time i hear that question on someone. Im not saying anything more.


The only baby i can think right now is to find that Justin Bieber & sing “baby baby baby ohhhhhhh…..”

My attitude: Marriage is not a race or competition one must do in a hurry/ because of your age/ for the sake of society. Yes i see everyone getting married. I also see everyone becoming a celibate too. There’s a time for everything. When the time comes, u will find these “us singles” shocking u all over on Facebook unannounced.


D: (those who see me in the church) Question 1: You are a christian & a blogger? Why not write something Godly/biblical/spiritual?

Answer 1: Now this bugs me too much beyond too muchness! What must i say? Sigh…. people are never gonna stop questioning or do they? Whatever u do, whatever u don’t do, u become victimized with too many questions. I am simply exhausted.

My attitude: Error – Attitude & question 2 of 2 not found.


Conclusion of the matter:

Now this is me & yes i do have an attitude toward self & life. So does everyone reading & not reading this.. no amount of our explanation is gonna change anything/anyone. Life goes on… haters gonna hate.. lovers gonna love.. buggers gonna bug.. questionnaires gonna question… like i said, nothing’s gonna change..

Its our healthy mind & healthy attitude that matters.. and i am not an introvert. Im an ambivert and yes we ambiverts exist. I have been an ambivert for ages but most have focused on my introvert abilities failing to notice the fun side of me. Their loss. Over years i have grown up over my insecurities which is why im exposing myself through words..

Should i even explain what an ambivert is? Never mind. I have explained too much already.. Google it & educate thyself !

Voilà. Here ends my About me in detail 🙂

PS: The writer of this content is influenced to write this topic as she was listening to Meghan Trainor’s – Its all about the bass.

Hence the title of this writing “Its all about the bass Attitude!”

4 thoughts on “Its all about the bass. Err.. Attitude!

  1. Wah! Shows ur maturity so well natz! Ques abt marriage Ultimate po! I hope quentionarie ppl like them, after reading ur blog will understanding how annoying/bugging/irritating they are. I am sure whoever read dis article will think “yeah! It happened/happens to me a lot. I could relate to every word of yours!”. You are becoming a readers-writer.. too much I wrote here. Will ping u pvtly.. hi5?…

    Liked by 1 person

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