We will no sleep..

What happens when sleep late?

Most of us sleep late thinking we do favor to ourselves by doing excess life work in the nights

Students during exams & late night shift workers are very good example for late/no sleep leaves them sleep deprived throughout day.

Sleeping late when becomes a habit will leave you 20 years older w/ wrinkles

Dark circles, blood shot eyes

Leaves you tired all day & the following until you plan for early sleep.

Mood swings, emotional & mental imbalance, impaired thinking

Late sleep cause midnight snacking is also caused by hunger stimulating hormone, ghrelin. Which when released, you’re hungry, you eat, once your hunger is tamed, you sleep. And that’s how midnight snackers become fat & unhealthy

Late sleep is also difficult to wake up in mornings. But when there’s fire break in your house, im sure anyone would wake up & run away  😉

How to sleep on time?

Simply switch of your phone/tablet/computer when you know its time to sleep.

Set a specific sleep time each night for weekdays & weekends too

Have your dinner 1 or 2 hrs before bedtime. Sleeping immediately after meal cause gastric trouble which is also a reason for sleepless nights. This 1 or 2 hrs gap helps to digest by the time you go to sleep.

Phone use on bed steals your beauty sleep. (your phone is a thief! I have proof! See the pics)

Name: Thief #1 Status: Proof #1
Name: Thief #1
Status: Proof #1
Name: Thief #2 Status: Proof #2
Name: Thief #2
Status: Proof #2

We are humans. We control gadgets. Somehow gadgets control us. Because we allow it to. Simple.

Name: Abuser #1 Status: Abuse#1 & Proof #3
Name: Phones can abuse #1
Status: Abuse#1 & Proof #3

Keep bedrooms dark as possible to sleep unless you afraid of dark, use a dim lit lamp/bulb

No coffee before sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant.

Rigorous exercises minutes before sleep will disrupt sleep. Instead, exercise an hour/two before dinner. And mild stretches before sleep is alright.

Soothing music while sleeping helps.

PS: If none of these above works out for you, it either means you have not taken any efforts to help yourself / u may have got used being sleepless or late sleep/ u love your phone even when it doesn’t love u back (one side love, eh?) and my last final statement – “You are an owl!


3 thoughts on “We will no sleep..

  1. You are an owl too;-) guess u r inspired by your own self to write this most reasonable topic! Owl like us are now aware of that theif! Pah wat a thinking! What a writing! Science-fitness-fun-joke-awareness-message(in your own style). Great work natz.. keep knocking our heads with ur hammer(I meant to say your ideology)

    Liked by 1 person

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