E & R books & its differences

E book (Electronic book)- ADVANTAGES R book (Real book)- DISADVANTAGES
All books in one hand/device Books scattered here and there.
You can either pay/not pay to download books to read Pay! pay! pay!
Device fits in pant pockets Carry with your hands
Light flashes on your face, battery drain, crashes —-
——– Smell of the freshly printed ink & paper is a good feel!
____ Crisp feel of the pages as your finger turns the pages over.
 ____ Making dog ears on each page as bookmarks.
Thin tablet The feeling of hard bound book in your hand.
When crashed, can’t read Anytime anywhere anyhow all time good reading companion.
One must hold the device stiff to read One can fold the book half behind while reading.
____ The touch and feel of glossy book cover! – (oh heavenly love)
Device’s battery need to be charged. Here the book itself charges you with its cool & glossy sexiness..

Well.. looks like we have our winner ;)
Well.. looks like we have our winner 😉

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