Bible influence – 1

Walk by Faith and not by sight – 2 Corinthians 5:7

“Sight” is so boring. Its all the same, visible n everywhere. Nothing new to learn.

“Faith” is invisible, works only to those who understand the concept of faith w/ an open mind. You experience a whole new dimension w/ faith thus motivating u to pursue more into this invisible faith and is also interesting by the way. Like i said, only to those who understand the concept of faith w/ an open mind, this faith works.

Isn’t it ironic i could write so much on faith and only a single line on sight !?

  • There are those who “see literally” (sight) to believe and stay in belief. This is one way of building faith. ( I made justice for sight by writing another line 😉 )
  • Then there are those despite seeing everything literally w/ their big wide open eyes, still are skeptical, thoughtful, doubtful and yet they claim to say seeing is believing. And wen they see, they don’t believe. This is why Jesus says “Hypocrites”. This is why i say “Morons”. Big time annoying question bank nerds they are!.. Always want to see more and learn nothing. This is called mind closed, eyes open phenomena
  1. When u see, u believe. ( sight)
  2. And when u believe, u see… ( faith )
  3. This is how believing is seeing is formed.
  4. So simple as that..!..

Why tension and complicate?

– xx Natz xx

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