The bus that got away… :(

Scene 1

Once upon a time i was at my bus stop waiting for my bus to come pick me up. The bus that comes on time, on this day is 45 mins late. I left home with full excitement that i’ll reach the spot on time with the hope that my bus will do the honor on time management.

I’ve always been proud of my local bus until this evening im waiting for the bus and im made to wait. In this delayed time, i spoke to few strangers waiting for the same bus, made friends with them and got tired of them so quickly. Feeling sleepy, had nothing to do but to sit and be a sitting duck.

Then came my beautiful colorful red painted government given 6 wheeler with government appointed driver who takes you to the place of your dreams. Note here: Its always the bus that gets to be talked about when late most times and not the driver. We say “the bus is too late” we hardly or never say “the bus driver is too late” The bus gets the curses when late and not the driver. This is why bus drivers start late and drive slow. Once you finished cursing, after again few delayed mins they come to pick you up. Yup. Drivers punish you for cursing the bus.

Anyways, bus came, im ready to push everyone to get inside, that’s when this elderly woman out of nowhere tells me “This is the first bus, everyone gets inside this one, gonna be crowded, you have to stand to travel, no place to sit, wait for the 2nd bus that comes next, you will have place to sit and less crowd”

My reaction – Wow!! perfect words of wisdom from the mouth of experience living. I soon regretted this.

I waited, no 2nd bus yet, im losing time and patience. My newly made temporary friends got into that crowded bus and im all alone with this elderly woman simply because i listened to her. Being a sitting duck again i was thinking why did i even listen to her when i was so determined and so prepared to get into this bus, while it had been there in front of me and i let it go! Who’s at loss now? Me or the woman? A regret.

Scene 2 – Same pattern follows next day. Me – crowd – no bus – different set of new stranger friends – first bus after long wait comes – again another new elderly woman comes – tells me same dialogue as in scene 1. Only this time the twist here is, i simply saw her and smiled. i got up, pushed those new stranger friends who were blocking my way so i want to be the first to jump into this bus, i suddenly became a traitor to them. They suddenly became strangers to me. There! all back to normal now. Surprisingly i got a place to sit, crowded. Only this time i did not have any regrets because that’s when my long time rusted brain woke up and reminded me that i have traveled many million times in crowded buses and its no big deal to me if i must stand/sit to travel. Big deal is to reach to the place you travel to on time. And the best of all, i reached my destination on time while in scene 1, i reached 30 mins late. Dang !

Scene 1 & Scene 2

  • Analyzing these 2 scenarios i realized, i must focus on the plan i set to go for myself and not to let the crowded bus standing and travel to pull me back from reaching my destiny. Listening to people (elderly woman) and following them may not always favor you each time.
  • Everyone talks crap and crazy in the name of “opinion”. Listening to them and following will also make you a crap and crazy. And pretty soon you will forget your name.
  • When you know the value of your time and the goals you set, you will see standing and travel is just an excuse to not to go and also a set back that keeps you grounded where you are. You may/may not get your 2nd bus. That’s a probability.

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