You are growing old.

How do you know you are growing old ? Ask me when was the last time I had a wafer biscuit. Not waffles. I’m talking about those thin dry crisp biscuits with cream stuff in it. The one you see in kit kat. Kit kats have chocolate covered outside and wafer inside. While a wafer is opposite. Cadbury’s Perk also has features like kit kat, then came Ulta perk with inside out fun. Now Ulta perk I see no more. (The latter’s chocolate tasted sooo good than the regular boring Perk)

Honestly I don’t remember the last time I had wafers. Must be ages ago for sure. We grow up so quick into this fast growing world and forget how wonderful these food made us feel back then.

My favorite way of eating a wafer biscuit is to hold the wafer vertical and open vertical, see which side has more cream, lick and eat the cream and then eat the dry crisp biscuit. I do the same with cream biscuits too. This is what I call, “lick it, love it, eat it” Otherwise known as “twist, lick,dunk”. For those who do not understand what I’m saying, watch Oreo biscuit ads. The god of ALL biscuit advertisements. And who cares how old you are? Age is nothing but a number. Except those who are behind you to get married because for them age and the number is everything.

How did I miss so much of all these comfort foods when all I wanted was to EAT ! without sharing and nothing else.

Anyways, point is, we are growing old and we will grow old to the point you will one day forget your name too. If ever you want to feel young again, simply take a wafer / cream biscuit, follow what Oreo ad asks you to do. Or simply eat the cream and keep the biscuit back and wait and watch for the bakra to fall for your prank.

Happiness is….. growing old and staying young 🙂

My fellow growing olds, This is called a wafer biscuit. Not just a biscuit. But a cream wafer biscuit !

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