Types of writers

  • Writers have their own ways of writing. Their unique sense of humour, jargons and not many who read understand what they read and while there are some who do.
  • Some writers write in such a way where you ought to read and re-read a line or a passage to understand what the content you just read is about. While others write so simple with neat simple words, expressions where even a school quit / dropout will understand what he/ she reads.
  • And then there are those high qualified English writers where they use their highly educated oxford English words and you will be spending more time with the dictionary finding the meaning of those words than spending time reading the writer’s article in hand. And the irony here is, once you find out the meaning of “that” new word, you will hardly or never use them in your daily vocabulary.
  • And then there are those who know to add humour in the writings and then are those who will make you fall in love with the character as you read. (I mean literally falling in love. Even those who deny their feelings to falling in love) And then this so called typical romance novel writer kills the main character you just fell in love with, leaves you crying for hours with the writers copy in hand. So much for my falling in love. Sigh…
  • And again there are those who write too much of everything and way beyond anything and everything rather than coming to the point of the content. This sure puts the reader off making them to skip too many pages only to read the climax that is written on the last chapter of the book or even the last 2 pages of the book.

  Voilà ! Time saved. !!


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